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Ray Hadley’s boy’s drug charge dismissed

Radio broadcaster Ray Hadley spoke up after his boy and previous policemen had his drug ownership charge dismissed on psychological health premises.

A previous law enforcement officer and the boy of Sydney broadcaster Ray Hadley has actually had his drug belongings charge dismissed on psychological health premises.

Daniel Hadley, 28, was charged with having a percentage of drug while off-duty at a bar in Rouse Hill in Sydney’s northwest on August 3. His arrest followed a NSW Authorities expert requirements examination concentrated on forbidden drugs accusations.

Dan Hadley Adelaide

At Parramatta Resident Court on Wednesday, magistrate Garry Still dismissed the charge under the Mental Health Act, releasing Hadley into the “care of an accountable individual”.

Hadley resigned as a senior constable after being charged.

Outdoors court, Ray Hadley stated his child had actually been excellent at concealing his trauma, coming from his task as a law enforcement officer.

” We had no concept he was fighting psychologically with these concerns and had actually been fighting, according to his GP, for rather a long time,” he informed press reporters. “He’s not going to come out of here stating: ‘You charm, I got an area 32– I’m much better’, since he’s not much better.”

Ray Hadley criticised the limelights on his kid’s case stating: “I’m the one in the media spotlight, not my child, so he’s going to get on with his life best as he can.”

The broadcaster stated he would now utilize more of his airtime to talk about PTSD.