SDE 101: Perks of Having Same Day Edit Video in Your Wedding

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Have you heard about same day edit video or SDE? SDE is the term used by professional event videographers to refer to the short film created during the wedding day which presents different highlights of the event and is shown to the newlyweds and their guests during the wedding reception or party. In different parts of Canada, there are many companies that offer these services like cinematography groups that do Vancouver wedding same day edit videos. Why should you ask for a same day edit video coverage of your wedding?

The Essence of Same Day Edit Videos

Same Day Edit videos or SDEs aim to capture the overall mood, character, and uniqueness of various wedding days. SDEs can help show the elements present in different wedding ceremonies like an Indian wedding versus a Christian wedding, or a church wedding versus a civil wedding. These short films present a brief but creative take on the whole event that will help both the newlyweds and their guests to remember that special day.

One of the best things about an SDE video is the fact that it is edited and presented on the actual wedding day so the newlyweds and guests will be able to see and appreciate it at once. No need to wait for days or weeks before they can see highlights of the event. This is especially beneficial for guests who may not be able to witness some parts of the ceremony or party. Through the SDE video they will be able to watch moments which they may have missed.

Elements of an Exceptional Same Day Edit Video

For a wedding SDE video to be exceptional, it must be able to tell the complete wedding story creatively and uniquely. Thus it’s important for videographers to capture the wedding preparations, actual wedding ceremony, and wedding reception or program. This way, they’ll be able to show a cohesive presentation without missing any important details.

That’s why it’s very important for you to ensure that your hired videographers are informed about the different elements in your wedding. For example, once you have hired your official Vancouver wedding same day edit coverage team, set a meeting with them to explain the wedding ceremony and party flow or sequence. Give them ideas on which particular parts of the wedding to focus on. Share your love story with them to help them come up with an idea of how to shoot your SDE. Ask help from your wedding sponsors or guests in case their participation is needed in the recording of the video.

Qualities of An Excellent SDE Video Team

Videographers or cinematographers who offer SDE services in their wedding coverage packages take pride in their SDE work. They may even consider this as the highlight of their editorial work for the day. Before hiring a team for your wedding, look at sample SDEs to get an idea of their style. Inquire about overall video and/or photo package rates. Also, see if they have any freebies they can offer. For Vancouver wedding same day edit video teams, just go online and choose from among many options. For starters, visit Life Studios Inc, a cinematography group based in Vancouver. Visit us online at HTTP://LIFESTUDIOSINC.COM.