Tips on knowing the best printer for you

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Which printer will work for me? Is it the HP DesignJet T930 36-in or another model? These are some of the questions that are bound to cross your mind as you shop for a printer. To help you figure out the best option, there are 3 aspects worth considering; intended use (official or home), purpose (special or general) and technology. Employing these guidelines will place you on the fast lane in finding the best printer.

HP DesignJet T930 36-in

  • Multifunction or single function printer

Figure out whether you are better off with extra capabilities such as copying, scanning and faxing or not. All these functions are achievable if you went for the HP DesignJet T930 36-in printer. Some office printers also come with a feature called Automatic Document Feeder that enables faxing, copying plus scanning of multi-page documents. Some Automatic Document Feeders are able to handle double sided documents via employing two scanners so as to scan both sides at a go. Others have to scan one side and need you to flip the page in order to scan the other side.

Additional options are also part of multifunctional printers. You can get printers that are web enabled whereby you need not own a computer to print online content. All you require is Wi-Fi access and with such you can even email documents to your 930 36-in Printer and get them printed. Just imagine the comfort of sending documents from your hand held device. Very convenient, isn’t it? On the other hand, if you don’t need such provisions, a single function printer will come in handy.

  • Do you need colored printing?

You’ll probably incline towards colored printing for home use. However, if document printing is all you need at your office, there’s no need to shell out extra money in order to get colored output. Nonetheless, it’s imperative to realize that the better part of color lasers are able to print advertising brochures of high quality. You might find this a better option compared to outsourcing printing of small brochure quantities at a print shop in your location.

  • Is there space for your printer?

Take a close look at its size. You will be surprised to learn there are home models that will significantly reduce your desk working space. Others have a small footprint but have a height that makes you feel as though they tower over you. On the flip side, there is a growing amount of compact versions able to fit in any tight spaces be it at home or office. Such convenience ensures that an HP DesignJet T930 fits right in.

  • What quality are you interested in?

This is something that shoppers keep a keen eye on. This is because printers do vary significantly when it comes to quality of output. Consider the quality of different elements such as graphics, photos, text and the likes. Note that just because the text is high in quality does not translate to graphics being the same. Examine each element independently and you will be assured of getting the best T930 36-in Printer.

Identifying an HP DesignJet T930 36-in printer that meets all your needs is not difficult. The aforementioned are guiding tips to help you out. For more information please visit